I'm hangry: what has worked for me

March 13, 2017

No I don’t have a typo, that’s hungry with an A! I’m one of those people who is angry when hungry; it’s like that snicker’s commercial (if anyone has seen it) that goes “you’re not you when you’re hungry…” It’s important to know when your body needs food and how to satisfy your hunger, and cravings, without “overfilling” yourself. Over the past few years I have had a very sensitive digestive system. I started a food journal, began taking probiotics daily and eliminating certain foods from my diet. This was kind of like a self experiment where I took note of how I felt based on what foods I ate each day. One night after eating lots of pizza with my family for dinner, I started to feel very sick to the point of where I couldn’t even stand up due to the aches I felt in my belly. That was the day I decided to make a drastic change in my life and eliminate wheat and dairy from my diet. 

I’m not one of those people who can start the morning with a giant smoothie. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I need lots of food when I wake up. I typically start my day with a warm glass of water or tea (not bitter because on an empty stomach this makes me nauseous), with some fresh squeezed lemon. Honestly, since I started doing this my metabolism has sped up like crazy and I eat way more often throughout the day! Know that this is actually a good thing. I eat smaller portions but more often throughout the day. On weekday mornings, I often eat two hardboiled eggs, two pieces of Breadsrsly sourdough toast (sometimes with avocado or goat cheese), a jar of oatmeal (sometimes adding cinnamon, fruit, ginger, almond butter, etc.) and a cup of caffeinated tea (typically black tea, since I no longer drink coffee) with a squeeze of lemon (sometimes with ginger and a teaspoon of honey). This only keeps me full for about three or four hours and I immediately start to feel hungry after that. I think that it is very important to eat SMALLER PORTIONS but eat MORE OFTEN. If you’re someone like me who is busy all day long (leaving the house at 7AM and coming back at 8PM) and gets hungry often, then you must plan for your entire day before leaving the house (pack a lunch, snacks, etc.) I have found that snacking is very important and helps me eat smaller meals and space out my meals more. This can be very helpful especially when you have busy days and are out of the house for most of the day. 

I think that my eating habits require me to consume more food in order to feel full compared to others who eat all the foods I have eliminated. I used to count the hours between my meals to justify whether or not I should be hungry. For example, I would tell myself I ate breakfast five hours ago so it’s okay that I’m feeling hungry for lunch now. However, I recently started to just eat whenever I felt hungry. I could eat a big lunch but for some reason feel hungry an hour later, so I would start snacking on something because that’s what my body was telling me to do! Listening to your body is key in determining what eating habits work for you! Don’t try to look at what someone else eats and think that if I want to look like them, then I must eat like them. I used to think this way but soon realized that all our bodies are made differently not only on the outside, but also on the inside! Sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s true. Our digestive systems work differently so someone else’s diet might not necessarily work for your body. 

Lastly I wanted to talk about shopping for food and groceries when I go out. As I have mentioned before, I ALWAYS make sure to read every single ingredient (without being obsessive, although it can be hard) and doing my research when I see an ingredient I don’t recognize. I never really pay attention to the calories because as long as I know the ingredients I’m putting into my body are clean, then I don’t have any concerns as to the number of calories they have. For example, I love eating RXbars. They are made with deliciously clean ingredients like dates, egg whites, coconut, etc. I’ve been told before that they have a lot of calories for being such a small bar, but I honestly DON’T CARE! I don’t need the numbers telling me when I will be full when I could turn to my own body for that signal. I’ll eat them when I feel hungry and sometimes I only eat half the bar because my body is telling me I’m full! You must also be careful while shopping for brands you are already familiar with or buy often. For example, I love buying Simple Mills baking products but noticed that although their mixes contain no refined sugars, their frostings DO contain cane sugar. Not only that, but also paying attention to the prices of the products you buy, especially when you are shopping at new stores. As I mentioned in one of my posts on instagram, I found my favorite kombucha, GTs, at a market near my work priced for about TWO dollars more than it usually sells for at places like whole foods or mollie stones. I often don’t pay attention to prices when I shop for a lot of items or use my card to pay but this experience was really eye-opening for me.

Anyways, I think the main point to take away from this post is that we all have different bodies with different internal systems that react differently to different foods (aka key word here is DIFFERENT since we’re all built differently). Once I came to this realization and started paying more attention to MY body and what I put into it daily, I felt (and still do feel) the most satisfied I had ever been with my eating habits and was able to stick to it for so long! 

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