My Favorite Christmas Gift Guide:

1. FrankandWhitman

  • I pretty much love anything from this brand but some of my favorite products are: The facial toner, face serum, dry shampoos and any of the face mask (Queen Village is probably my favorite) ps. they have men's products too! Use code THEFITTRIO for 20% off your purchase :)

2. HealthyHuman

  • I take my Healthy Human bottle with me everywhere I go! It keeps my drinks cool for hours and the sport lid makes it super convenient to take sips while I'm on the go. Plus you can use my offer code (THEFIT10) to get 10% off your purchase! 


3. Hu Chocolate

  • This is my favorite chocolate EVER! It's incredible how simple the ingredients are, plus all the chocolate bars are vegan and paleo (meaning no gluten, dairy, or refined sugars!). The cashew butter would have to be my absolute favorite flavor. 

4. Stasher Bags

  • Give the gift of reusing and recycling with Stasher Bags! I haven't bought or used zip lock bags for almost 8 months now because I keep washing and reusing my Stasher Bags. The good thing about these is that they are microwave / freezer safe and come in lots of different colors and sizes! 

5. Yogaworks

  • This last one is FREE! You heard me, I said free! Yogaworks is offering one week of yoga at no charge for new members. I can't even begin to explain how yoga has changed my life and I want to share my practice or just yoga in general with as many people as I can. So find a Yogaworks near you and take your friend, family member or anyone you know with you to class! I promise you it's worth it. 


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