Chocolate Cashew Butter Cups



4/5 of an Eatingevolved melted cashew milk chocolate bar (because honestly I ate the other 1/5)

1 tbsp unrefined coconut oil (melted)

1 tsp Simplyorganicfoods Madagascar vanilla

3 tbsp Artisanaorganics cashew butter

2 scoops Vitalproteins collagen peptides 

1 tbsp maple syrup


3 tbsp Artisanaorganics Candy Cane coconut butter (melted)


1. Mix Filling in a lage bowl

2. Roll into round egg-shaped pieces (about 1 tbsp each)

3. Place on baking sheet on a cookie pan

4. Freeze for about 10 minutes

5. Melt candy cane coconut butter and allow to cool for a few minutes

6. Take chocolate cups out of the freezer and coat with coconut butter

7. Freeze for about another 10 minutes

8. Refrigerate and enjoy! 

I like peanut butter, but I LOVE cashew butter! I made this same recipe using peanut butter for Easter but I can guarantee that the cashew butter version tastes 100% better. Packed with healthy fats, antioxidants and collagen (strengthening nails, bones, hair, and skin) these chocolate cashew butter cups make the perfect snack or after meal dessert! I could probably eat this whole batch by myself in two days :) 

© 2016 by Ailar Poormoghaddam