About me

Don’t force yourself into a diet that restricts you from the foods you love, rather create a lifestyle that embraces everything you love about eating! My name is Ailar (that's pronounced eye-lar), I'm in my early 20s, and I love to cook, create recipes, challenge myself, practice yoga, run, and eat!


In 2015 I decided to make a lifestyle change when I discovered that my body had become sensitive towards eating certain kinds of food. I often felt unhappy with the food I ate and was often experiencing unbearable pain in my gut after meals.

In January 2015 I cut out all gluten, wheat and dairy from my diet, then I gradually incorporated goat cheese back into my diet. It was during that same month when I cut out all refined sugars as well. My reasoning behind eliminating refined sugars from my diet are a little more complicated and I discuss them more in my blog here.  

I believe in eating real food with real ingredients that make me feel good. I know from personal experience that what I put inside my body is reflected by how I feel on the outside. Our bodies are all made differently and require different amounts of nutrients. So I eat food that makes me feel good and most importantly makes me feel happy! 

ps. brunch is my favorite meal of the day :) 

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